Electra fabrique du matériel pour l'alimentation humaine, animal et industrielle.



Over 60 years of know-how and innovations and expertise in techniques for the processing of solid materials into powder or pellets, have forged the international reputation of ELECTRA.

ELECTRA is a partner that is attentive to its clients and provides a competitive response to the needs of both small businesses and major groups.

ELECTRA exports equipment to all continents and has implemented a dynamic and efficient trade policy.

Our business: study your projects, propose solutions, build equipment, guarantee the installation, setting to work and after sales service.

Matériels de transformation de produits TROPICAUX pour l'alimentation humaine Matériels INDUSTRIELS de broyage, mélange, manutention, stockage, dosage, tamisage et ensachage Matériels d'ELEVAGE destinés à la préparation de l'alimentation animale

Equipment for the processing of TROPICAL products for the preparation of human food

INDUSTRIAL crushing, mixing, handling, storage, dosing, sieving
and bagging equipment

LIVESTOCK equipment
for the preparation
of animal feed



For the processing of sawdust, wood shavings, vine shoots, miscanthus, green waste...

ELECTRA provides wood pellet presses, WOOD PELLET, WOOD BRIQUETTE manufacturing units, plant shredders.